• Interactive Baby Doll - This 16” Baby Expressions Doll is an adorable interactive doll that will engage your child with her many realistic features and functions

  • Changing Facial Expressions - The baby doll’s expressions change as they rock, feed, and soothe her to sleep.

  • Sucks Pacifier & Drinks Bottle- Your child will be amazed as she sucks her pacifier and ‘drinks’ from her bottle just like a real baby!

  • Realistic Sounds - She cries, giggles, coos, and makes adorable sleeping sounds

  • Rock Her To Sleep - She wakes when you pick her up and cries when laid down! Your child will love feeding her with her bottle and rocking her to sleep as she sucks on her pacifier

  • Chest Rises & Falls - When she’s sleeping, you can watch and feel her tummy move up and down as she breathes


16 Inch Interactive Baby Expressions Doll

SKU: 16750
  • The Favorite Christmas Gift!


    This doll had the most success among all Christmas gifts for my 2 year old daughter. The facial expressions of the doll, her babbling, pacifier sucking, and breathing are all amazing. My daughter has so much fun with it, not going to lie, I had to play with the doll myself before wrapping it up for the holiday. Truly amazed, I didn’t expect it to be so cool. I also ordered a toy stroller from this seller which is also fantastic quality.


    Celine, New Mexico. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


    Unbelievably Realistic 


    This Baby doll is so cute and interactive. It blinks its eyes and giggles! When a bottle or pacifier is in its mouth it ‘sucks’ and makes the most adorable sounds. It also realizes when you set it down and cries, and makes a happy coo when you pick it up. It’s great value for the animatronic aspects too!


    I saw a reviewer say you can’t change the clothes, but you definitely can. I tried a Bitty Baby sleeper on it and it fits perfectly.


    Elaine, New York ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐